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sodium nitrite


Yingfengyuan Industrial Group Limited is one of the leading China sodium nitrite food additive manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory, we are able to offer you best and cheap sodium nitrite food additive products. Molecular Formula: NaNO2 Molecule Weight: 69.0 CAS NO.: 7632-00-0 Appearance: White or light yellow Fine Crystal Specification: ItemQuality Index High-ClassFirst-ClassQualified Class Purity99.0% min98.5% min98.0% min Moisture :1.4% max2.0% max2.5% max Chlorides ( As NaCL )0.10% max0.15% max---- Sodium nitrate 0.8% max1.0% max1.5% max Water insolubles0.05% max0.06% max0.10% max Property: White or a little buff fine crystal. The relative molecular weight is 69.0 and density is 2.168. It?s no smell and a little saline taste, easy to be deliquescence and to dissolve in water. The melting point is 271?C and decomposition temperature is 320?C. It has the strong oxidizing property, as well as reducing property. It can slowly oxidize into sodium nitrite in the air, and will become diamino compound composed with ammonia under low temperature.Sodium Nitrite website:

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