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wine making equipment suppliers


Conical Bottom Wine Fermentation Tank This type of tank is used for the fermentation of the must for white wine. Smooth surfaces and perfectly finished welds prevent the formation of wine stone and accumulation the impurities inside the tank. Conical bottom and a decanting elbow provide easy separation of wine from precipitated particles and enable an easy discharge of liquid. Dimple jacket gives a convenient regulation of fermenting temperature. Capacity and dimension can be customized.Wine Making Equipment suppliers website:

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ultrasonic sensor for uav quotation


Established in 1999, Audiowell Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 832491) is a leading provider of sensor components and sensing solutions with focus on the research, design, production and sales of sensitive components, sensors and corresponding modular solutions. As a sensor manufacturer and solution provider, Audiowell has the most comprehensive sensor component product line in China. Our ultrasonic sensors, flow sensors, electro-acoustic devices and ultrasonic transducer devices are market leaders and widely used in a variety of industries and fields including automotive electronics, instruments and meters, intelligent security systems and health appliances. While serving Chinese customers, we have also provided professional products and services for the global customers in many countries and regions. Audiowell will uphold the ?Be good, do better, create the best future? business philosophy and continuously concentrate on cutting edge technologies as well as advanced manufacturing techniques, to provide innovative and superior products for our society and create a safe, convenient and comfortable life for everyone. Our Strength ●Ultrasonic technology leads domestic market and stays in front in the international market ●A number of intellectual properties and over 130 patents ●Three industrial parks covering over 80,000 square meters ●Over 15 years of experience cooperating with Fortune 500 companiesultrasonic sensor for UAV quotation website:

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